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Rhinestone dog collars

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Welcome to the home of the most original and exclusive Swarovski Rhinestone dog collars ever

Dear Fellow Dog Lover, rhinestone dog ccollar, jeweled dog collars for extra small dogs, lizard skin jeweled dog collars

If you have been keeping up with dog fashion trends in designer dog jewelry, you are probably tired of the run-of-the-mill, they-all-look-alike rhinestone dog ccollar. Once again the crew at Leather Creations for Dogs have risen to the occasion with out-of-this-world sparkling Swarovski rhinestone dog collars that are SO different. Our new rhinestone collars are bound to make the movie stars’ heads turn! dog fashion trends, jeweled dog collars, designer faux ruby dog collars, fancy holiday dog collars, diamond dog collars, large rhinestone swarovski s We have taken jeweled dog collars and put the real ‘bling’ back into custom and designer bling bling dog collarswide rhinestone dog collarssmall jeweled dog collars, jeweled dog harnessesSwarovski dog collars and leashes. From small dog collars jeweled to large rhinestone dog collars or large breed dog jeweled collars – we make them all. wide rhinestone dog collar, dog collars christmas rhinestone, small dog collars jeweled

I am not talking about everyday crystal dog collars or large crystal stud dog collars, oh no. I’m talking sparkling dog jewelryswarovski dog collars and diamond dog collars made with top quality leather and glittering, colorful Swarovski stones or ‘diamonds’. large rhinestone dog collar, bling bling dog collars, dog rhinestone collars, rhinestone collars

These are jeweled dog collars with class! They are different..

  • rhinestone daisy dog collars
  • pink rhinestone dog collar
  • lizard skin jeweled dog collars
  • lizard diamond dog collars
  • jeweled tapered leather dog collars
  • jeweled dog collars for extra small dogs
  • faux crocodile dog collar with rhinestone buckle
  • fancy holiday dog collars
  • dog custom rhinestone collars
  • dog collars christmas rhinestone
  • diamond studded dog collars
  • designer faux ruby dog collars
  • swarovski austrian crystal collar
  • chinese crested dog jewelry

And to put the cherry on the top, we also make a rhinestone bracelet for petsdog leashes with rinstonesdesigner dog jewelry and harnesses with bling bling!! Are you thinking about the possibilities here? I know you are going to get one of these remarkable rhinestone dog collars, but what about you? Match your dog’s collar with a little something for yourself! Get a matching belt, neck choker or bracelet. Go ahead, have fun with this. Get the whole set. You deserve it! diamond studded dog collars, designer dog jewelry, rhinestone bracelet for pets, pink rhinestone dog collar, crystal dog collars,

And if you have your own creation, by all means, let us have it. We will make your custom rhinestone collar just the way you dreamed it. We will do our best to deliver to you your own design on a sparkling out-of-this-world rhinestone collar that will take your breath away. dog custom rhinestone collars, rhinestone dog collars, chinese crested dog jewelryWe promise to put in the same care and quality that we put into all of our products. However, these Swarovski collars and leashes are not meant for ‘outdoor’ wear. If you treat these pieces of dog jewelry with care they will last a long time. You would not go gardening with your finest emeralds on your fingers, would you?

Please enjoy looking at the classy designs our Bling Master, Valerie has created . You are welcome to select any of her designs and customize it to your hearts content, or if you want to, send us your own idea, now

Welcome home!