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Custom Canine Leathers for Life!

Leather Creations is owned and operated by Lily Gonzales and her family.  Her husband Johnny has spent more than 33 years training and working with canines.  His years training police and drug enforcement dogs, preparing dogs for Schutzhund competitions and helping families raise and train their pets, have given him infinite knowledge regarding the type of equipment necessary in the dog endeavors.

During his initial years as a dog trainer, Johnny found it nearly impossible to find the durable leather equipment he needed. Harnesses broke at critical times during agitation or tracking exercises and were impossible to repair.

He started to experiment with harnesses and leashes, made from prime quality leather bought at the foremost tanneries and did not stop until he was satisfied that his products were perfect, and would withstand the rigors of dog training.

During the years his own craftsmanship and experience has developed to such an extent, that he has become known and respected as one of the most knowledgeable leather craftsmen in the dog world. 

Lily joined the team in 2000 and under Johnny’s tutoring started a new line of designer items that extended the Leather Creations market to include the discerning customers who wanted something unique for their dogs. All designer and custom built collars, leashes, harnesses and muzzles carry our 100% guarantee of satisfaction, some of the items being unique in the world! Today our custom leather collars are highly saught after. They are both stunning and durable and have taken canine related leather craftsmanship into the 21st century.

At dog shows all over the East and South of the US, the Leather Creations booth has become a regular and saught out meeting place for our old and new customers.  Here we use the opportunity to interact directly with our clients, and to develop a wider understanding of their needs and wishes.

We use every opportunity possible to extend our product line and better our quality, always standing behind our promise of 100% satisfaction and free repair of any of our products. 

We at Leather Creations would like to thank every one of our clients for making us one of the fastest growing handmade leather manufacturers in the United States.

We hope to supply you and your canine companions of the very best leather equipment for many years to come.

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