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Dog Collars and Martingale Collars

NEWSFLASH: The Kangaroo has been tied down! (appologies to Ralph Harris)

Go to braided kangaroo leather dog show leads now! You’ll be sorry if you miss this!


We are very proud to present our unique designer Rhinestone dog collar Collection as the monthly feature! Our rhinestone collars range from unique dog collars with Swarovskiholiday dog collars and custom dog collars, all the way to stunning ‘diamond’ dog collars.

Take a peek at our Rhinestone dog collars!

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

If you are looking for designer dog collars, you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on being the foremost manufacturer of custom dog collars, fancy dog collars, personalized dog collars and leather dog collars for every need and taste. Just look at a few collar styles you can find here:

  • fashion dog collars
  • unique dog collars
  • holiday dog collars
  • martingale dog collars
  • leather collars
  • petsafe dog collars
  • christmas dog collars
  • stylish dog collars
  • cute dog collars
  • beaded dog collars
  • nfl dog collars
  • decorative dog collars
  • easter dog collars
  • one of a kind dog collars
  • martingale dog collars
  • unique big dog collars
  • large dog collars

Through the years we have grown from a hobby-in-the-garage company, to the new Leather Creations for Dogs,Inc, now a solid business concern with clients all over the world. About fifteen years ago we used to make only dog training collars, dog training productsdog collars for large breeds and specialized dog training collars. Johnny developed his own style and developed all his products to serve the purpose of delivering the best possible dog training. You see, Johnny started this company and during his 35 years of dog training, he really learned what it takes to make leather equipment that will last! Thanks to his research and development we can offer you a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects of nearly all our own products.

Soon we expanded to creating other usefull collar styles:

  • spiked dog collars
  • hunting dog collars
  • round dog collars
  • sports dog collars
  • personalised dog collars
  • studded leather dog collars
  • tuff dog collars
  • great dane dog collars
  • puppy training collars

As you can see our horizons were rapidly widening. During the start of the new milennium, dog owners realized that their dogs were more than just ‘pets’ . The demand for unique dog collars rose nearly overnight and developed into one of the fastest growing and most competitive markets in the world today. Dog owners required breed specific dog collars:

  • hunting dog collars
  • west highland dog collars
  • pharaoh hound dog collars
  • spike dog collars for Pittbulls
  • greyhound dog collars
  • secure dog collars for large breeds
  • great dane dog collars
  • hound dog collars
  • leather whippet collars

Professional dog handlers and trainers already demanded top quality collars and leashes for their work. We supply the demand proudly:

  • puppy collars
  • dog training collars
  • stylish dog collars
  • martingale dog collars leads training
  • dog training products
  • personalised dog collars
  • premier dog collars
  • specialty dog collars
  • custom made leather dog collars
  • best obedience dog collars
  • dog choke collars
  • dog training collar

For dog owners with tiny teacup sized dogs, or a large breed dog like a Mastiff, these was of course nowhere to turn. Any of our products can be made to fit any size dog. No dog is too small or too large. At Leather Creations this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg that we have available :

  • small dog collars
  • puppy collar
  • large dog collars
  • dog collars for large breeds
  • extra wide dog collars
  • chihuahua dog collars
  • puppy training collar
  • tiny dog collars
  • secure dog collars and leashes
  • tapered leather dog collars
  • great dane dog collars
  • fancy small dog collars
  • puppy training collars

We were one of the first leather dog collar manufacturers that realised that leather came in more colors than just brown. Why, we litterally went to town with color! Mix and max, contrast, tone up or down, have fun! What about :

  • pink dog collars
  • turquoise dog collars
  • preppy dog collars
  • turquoise studded dog collars
  • preppy pink dog collar
  • pink snakeskin dog collar
  • silver dog collars
  • pink studded dog collar
  • pink snakeskin dog collar

You may think that pink rules the world, but you’ll be surprised! As soon as the ‘African Safari’ fashion craze came into being, every dog lover wanted to dress up their canine companions in exotic snake skins, leopard print and gator scales! Once again, we rose to the occasion :

  • fashion dog collars
  • one of a kind dog collars
  • unusual dog collars
  • dog collars zebra leopard
  • gator skin dog collar
  • snake skin collar
  • leopard print dog collar

In February of 2005 our company went international! Today there are dogs in every corner of the world strutting around with a custom handmade Leather Creations collar: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Australia, Canada. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas (Siegfried and Roy!), New York and Ontario our collars are sought after and enjoyed.

We even cater to the needs of the sporting dog with equipment that works hard and lasts long :

  • hunting dog collars
  • sports dog collars
  • spike dog collars
  • dog collars coon hunting
  • specialty dog collars
  • field dog products
  • biker dog collars
  • dog collars with tags
  • hound dog collars

You can see there is no limit to the creativity and variety of the dog collars we manufacture. We attempt to satisfy every client and keep their dogs safe and well dressed. You can rely on us.

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