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NEWSFLASH: In July we will be introducing the most unique, colorful and lasting Kangaroo leather collection ever!

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Featured : Our gorgeous luxury leashes for dogs!

At Leather Creations we pride ourselves on providing you with the utmost luxury and functionality in dog leashes. Many of our leashes are unique, one of a kind and all of them are guarateed for life. Dream up your perfect luxury leashes and let us make your creations come to life! We also specialize in leashes for working and sporting dogs. Your every training and obedience training wish made true!

Every dog needs a sturdy walking leash. We have lots of sizes and colors to choose

For strength, beauty and suppleness, our double twisted leashes are unbeatable. Your dog will be proud to have one of these!

Our flat braided leashes are unequaled in strength and durability. Ideal for working dogs.

The triple twisted leash is super colorful and great for showing off at any event, family get together or where ever you take your dog.

We only manufacture the most elegant and complementing show leashes. Each lead is carefully cut and prepared to be flawless.

Obedience training is a breeze with these short leashes.
Made to your exact requirements.

Police leads are not only for the law. They can be adjusted to various lengths, with or without the handle.

Our slip leashes come in many colors and styles. Ideal for kennel use or agility training, these leads are durable and provide easy control.

Our tabs and handles allow total control during off-leash exercises or in the car. We have the right size for your dog!

.Our leash belts are a must-have for all active dog lovers. A beautiful belt becomes a strong leash in an instant.

Brace couplers allow two or three dogs to be walked on the same lead. Ideal for the ‘crowd’ of smaller dogs!

For the tracking enthusiast. 33′ long, cut from a single piece of leather, this leash
will stand out in a crowd