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Deluxe braided leather dog leads

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Welcome to the home of the most original and exclusive braided and beaded Kangaroo leather dog leads and collars ever
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

After many waltzes, Matilda finally tied the kangaroo down! (appologies to the folks Down Under).

If you are a professional show dog handler, you alrqeady know the importance of having the right dog show leads. If you have ever showed a dog you know that appearance is everything! Your presentation can make or break the judge’s decision. So what better way to tip the scales than by showing your dog with the most exclusive and custom show leads on earth?

Wether your show lead is a deluxe braided leather dog lead or a beaded leather dog show leads, the perfect leather dog show lead and show dog collar is one of the most fundamentally important pieces in the dog show arena.

Not only do we manufacture braided show leads for dogs, but we also specialize in butter soft dog conformation leashes and custom dog collars and leashes for conformation. Our cow hide show leads for dogs and large show lead dog and martingale show leads for giant breeds are guaranteed to provide you with years of use while drawing stares from judges and handlers alike.

Our variety of dog show collars and leads are limited only by your imagination:

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At Leather Creations for Dogs, Inc we have revolutionized the way kangaroo leather show leads are made! Let me tell you why kangaroo leather is superior to ordinary cow hide:

  • Kangaroo leather fibers run horizontally with the skin, as supposed to randomly as in cow hide.
  • This creates the great tensile strength of kangaroo leather. It is said to be 4 times stronger than cow skin.
  • K-leather (kangaroo leather) is extremely abrasion resistant with a superior finish.
  • It becomes buttery soft with use without loosing strength or its structure.
  • It is much lighter than cow hide and also much more flexible.
  • It is simply superior to any other leather available.

But for us this is not enough. We braid our kangaroo leads over a kevlar core. As you know, kevlar is used in the making of bullet proof vests because of its great strength. Our kangaroo leads and collars are also fully guaranteed for five years. Need I say more? Just look at the choices you have :

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Not only do we manufacture and sell quality show leashes, but our new line of braided kangaroo leather dog leashes and collars are will take your breath away! We want you to let your imagination run wild! You do the designing and we will deliver the most stunning braided kangaroo leather collar and leash to your door!

Now, all of that having been said, please realise that there is a direct relationship between the width of the lead and the size/strength of the dog. If you try to show a 150 pound dog on a leash that is too thin, you will hurt your hand and the dog before the lead breaks.

When choosing the correct kangaroo show lead, please be realistic in your choice. If your dog is large and a fierce puller, please choose a 6 or 8 strand braid or even a 12 strand braid. I assure you the extra width of the lead will not distract from its beauty. However, it might save you a few fingers!

If you have any questions regarding our kangaroo leads, please do not hesitate to call us, or even better, email us. All the options can get a bit overwhelming. We will make sure you get exactly what you need!

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Welcome to the home of the new Kangaroo dog show lead and collar.