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NEWSFLASH: In July we will be introducing the most unique, colorful and lasting Kangaroo leather collection ever!

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All your dog muzzle problems solved! dog muzzle and pit bull, pitbull leather muzzles, Cloth Dog Muzzles and why they are not meant for pitbulls, Humane Dog Muzzle and tips on how to introduce your dog to a muzzle without stress!

Find your Greyhound racing equipment here.

If you own a Greyhound or Italian Greyhound don’t miss out on our martingale collars or lure coursing collars and leashes!

Made from harness leather, this agitation muzzle will withstand the toughest conditions. Ideal for working dogs.

These police type muzzles are extremely comfortable for the dog, but offer full protection to the handler. They are particularly suited to pitbull dogs and othe bull dog breeds.

For general safety purposes we recommend this safetymuzzle – it keeps the dog’s mouth shut!

This elegant yet strong racing muzzle, will ensure that your Sight Hound will always have a safe race.

The No-Nuts Muzzle was originally designed for a Cocker Spaniel with a predelection for hazel nuts. For the past 3 years however, this muzzle has stopped many dogs from eating things that they should not.

The Box muzzle fully covers the dog’s face and because it is tied to a collar behind the ears, it is impossible for the dog to take off. This model is particularly suitable for stub nosed dogs like Boxers, Boerboels, Mastiffs and breeds with dewlaps.

The dog who wears this dog muzzle, visits his veterinarian with style! The deerskin lining makes the muzzle soft inside and oh, so striking on the outside!